Saturday, 27 December 2014

Getting inked - again!

Coat, Top, Skort & Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Asos

Abusing the idea that Christmas is a time of indulgence, treating not only your loved ones but yourself, and slightly ignoring the fact my bank account is suffering at the moment, on Tuesday I got my fifth tattoo! I also had a lovely time in town with Mum – pre-tattoo breakfast at Costa (because tattooing on an empty stomach is a poor idea), and lunch afterwards, as well as picking up final supplies for our roast and a bit more chocolate. I opted for a fairly simple outfit, using small details to keep it fresh, such as the houndstooth print, the almost spring-time pink of my top, and the faux fur collar.

 I’ve included a picture of the finished tattoo – lyrics from one of my all time favourite songs, Human by Nerina Pallot, plus part of one of her illustrations. I do have a few words to say about tattoos though (and I feel fairly qualified now that I’ve had so many), so here are some tips if you’re considering getting inked! 

Of course, getting a needle repeatedly dragged through uncountable layers of skin is going to require healing and aftercare, so I recommend Bepanthen applied every day until it is fully healed. It’s technically a nappy rash cream, but tattoo artists will also recommend it because it’s very kind to skin and good for healing.

Eat beforehand.
I mentioned that an empty stomach isn’t a good idea – well, if you think about it going into anything that’s going to be painful is always more fun with some food inside you, and you have less chance of fainting from the pain! It’s obviously still going to hurt, but I think it’s much more bearable when you’re not also hungry (especially if you’re in there for a while!).

Really consider it.
It sounds obvious, but you’re going to have this on your body for the rest of your life! Unless you want to tolerate the much more painful process of laser removal, tattoos are permanent. So before you jump in and get inked, be certain that what you’ve chosen will either still look good or still have personal significance in ten, twenty years time.

Place is important.
Some professions dislike visible tattoos, and while I think it’s becoming less of a problem these days, I’d say it’s better to go for something that can be covered if necessary. All of mine can be hidden with sleeves or tights. Also, the place has bearing upon the level of pain – fleshy areas hurt less, but anywhere that the needle is likely to hit bone will be a lot more painful. I definitely found this one on my ribs far less comfortable than the one on my upper arm!

Pick your tattoo-day clothes wisely.
Either leave it out in the open, as I did with my ankle tattoos, or go for clothing that won’t irritate the area when it’s done. Something loose, in soft fabric, is a safe bet. Also, you want to be able to get the chosen area out easily when you’re in the studio! For example, I chose a crop top over a dress to wear, because it was much easier to whip out my ribs.

Tara India xo

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