Sunday, 27 December 2015

Goodbye 2015!

  Dress - Topshop
Ankle Boots - Asos
Ring - Alexander McQueen

 I'm not going to be ambitious enough to say I'll write another post before the end of the year (only four days away, and I've got two essays sitting like monkeys on my back), so here's to 2015. It's been a hell of a year with plenty of ups and downs - God, aren't I a cliche?! But it's true. As a quick round-up I've started my second year at uni (my grades actually count now - que horror!), spent a summer at the Conde Nast College and met some amazing people with whom I went on to set up The World Wide Wardrobe (main credits to Abi though!), travelled a little, drank a lot of coffee, said goodbye to both my granny and my cat after practically a lifetime with both, got back into art (I'm no artist though!), and am now eagerly awaiting 2016. 2016, I think, will be an amazing year - I'm off on a quick holiday in January, then it's all hands on deck to survive my second semester and exams (eek!), before flying off for my year abroad... I think this quote from Tumblr best describes my attitude to next year:

"2016 will be a selfish year. My time will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and mentally."

Anyway, enough sentimental musing - I actually got pretty excited to get this outfit on for Christmas! Winter, and especially the very end of the year, doesn't have many saving graces for me. One is faux fur, and another is that around Christmas you can wear literally as much glitter as you like and get away with it by calling it festive! I'd never get away with this dress at 1pm on any other day.. But I love it. Topshop once again struck gold (or silver as the case may be) with this sparkly leopard print body con dress. Not only was leopard the print of AW15, and I'm not letting go of it yet, but the dress achieved the impossible and actually gave me some real curves - yes, that's the best my petite frame is going to give! I'll admit I've shied away from body con in recent years, preferring something a little looser and more fit-and-flare, but the high neck keeps this classy and I honestly just fell in love with it. If I go anywhere for NYE the chances are I'll be busting it out again. I kept my shoes quite casual, opting for the same ankle boots I've been wearing throughout autumn and winter because, despite the sparkle-fest that is my dress, Christmas chez Kergon is fairly casual and honestly I couldn't be doing with high heels! I'm severely out of practice with them.. I also used a few of my presents to complete the outfit - an Alexander McQueen ring, and my new Naked Smoky palette to create a blue-toned smokey eye! Hop on over to my instagram @babydolltara to see a few more of my presents.. For now, and for 2015, I'll just leave you with a few snaps from the last few days..

 Tara India xo

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ten Things To Do In December!

 Jumper & Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Asos
Bag - Versace

Being at home for the Christmas holidays not only has me enjoying a break from early starts (unfortunately not from essays though), but it's got me thinking. There are certain things I always do in December, certain things I've done every year that make me look forward to the break and keep me going throughout the longest, darkest days. I may not be the most festive, but I definitely have my little end-of-year celebrations! So I thought with today's outfit I'd share my top ten December must-dos - I'm ticking them off as we speak. Today's outfit is mostly remarkable because I haven't been forced to wear a coat, since it's actually quite a balmy winter especially down in Somerset! I got away with my current favourite jumper (kudos, Topshop) and this print skirt, along with only one pair of tights - I'm dreading January back in Birmingham... I loved feeling a little brighter and a little less weighed down today, and I'm sure this combination will reappear.. Anyway, here is an abbreviated version of my December to-do list..

Being at home for the Christmas holidays not only has me enjoying a break from early starts (unfortunately not from essays though), but it's got me thinking. There are certain things I always do in December, certain things I've done every year that make me look forward to the break and keep me going throughout the longest, darkest days. I may not be the most festive, but I definitely have my little end-of-year celebrations! So I thought with today's outfit I'd share my top ten December must-dos - I'm ticking them off as we speak. Today's outfit is mostly remarkable because I haven't been forced to wear a coat, since it's actually quite a balmy winter especially down in Somerset! I got away with my current favourite jumper (kudos, Topshop) and this print skirt, along with only one pair of tights - I'm dreading January back in Birmingham... I loved feeling a little brighter and a little less weighed down today, and I'm sure this combination will reappear.. Anyway, here is an abbreviated version of my December to-do list..

One of my Xmas traditions is baking mince pies with my mum, but whether you make gingerbread, Xmas pudding or a Yule log, winter is the time to fire up those ovens.

Wear a Christmas jumper
I don't go in for those supremely tacky Primark specialties, but around Christmas it's always time for a festive jumper (or socks, or a hat, or leggings...)

Be with your family
Christmas is the best excuse to get together - life is so busy that often family get neglected, especially the non-immediate relatives, so spend a bit of time with your family this season whether it's a full-on festive Xmas day, or just a nice quiet visit. 

Watch Christmas movies
There are some films that have become my staple Xmas viewing (and can't be watched any other time of year) - it's not Christmas unless I've watched Elf, Love Actually, and The Muppets Christmas Carol!

Give presents
All too often Xmas becomes about what you get, but I love to spend time planning and purchasing my gifts to give because these holidays are all about showing your loved ones how much you care.

Eat Xmas food
I'll admit I'm getting annoyed that Christmas food appears in about September, but I do love it - mince pies, stuffing, roast, selection boxes, celebrations, lindt....

Go for a walk
When I've got time I love going for a walk (probably because I live in the countryside), especially if it has snowed, or I can take my film camera out! 

Have a fire
Another tradition stemming probably from my childhood is that winter is always associated with a log fire, and I love sitting beside mine in these dark, bitter days.

Treat myself
Yes, I've spent too much money on presents. Yes, I still have a few weeks until loan day. Yes, I'm saving up for a year abroad. But honestly, it's dark, cold, damp and grey - if a bit of shopping and a few splurges can cheer me up then it's worth it! Recently I've treated myself in Lush (and may do a review once I've road tested it all)!

Be thankful
Lastly, it's always worth reflecting on all that is good and fortunate in your life. Everyone has difficult times, but there is always something to love about life (even just the little things), and I don't believe anyone should take anything for granted. We're all lucky in one way or another, and hey - we made it through another year!

Tara India xo

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Faux fur everything.

 Outfit - Topshop
Boots - Asos

If there's one thing I love about winter, it's faux fur. There's a reason faux fur is a perennial catwalk hit during A/W shows, and that's because it's fun, cosy and ever-so fabulously practical for the British winter. For me it's the saving grace of the cold weather, and just about the only thing that could get me wishing for chilly days  - I bought this coat a few weeks back and waited impatiently for the days to grow cold enough to wear it! It's the perfect winter statement, and feels like a hug wrapping me up against the brisk wind. And why stop at one piece of faux fur? I've got not only my gorgeous coat but this faux fur headband to fend off the chill. In summer I'm obsessed with flowers in my hair, so in winter of course I turn to faux fur.. 

I wrapped up in this simple yet eye-catching outfit yesterday to venture out to the Christmas market - one of my favourite seasonal occurrences. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Christmas (I'm no Grinch, but I don't get as excited as some!), but I can't resist the markets - cute lights, hot cider, yummy food, and retail therapy... what's not to like? It's only 20 days to Christmas now, so it was probably time I started getting a handle on my shopping and appreciating it before it's over...

Tara India xo

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Makeup review: Estee Lauder & Revolution!

This happens once in a blue moon (and therefore deserves recognition) - I've switched up my makeup! I'm usually the kind of girl that sticks to her old favourites (click here for my makeup essentials) and I tend to repurchase the products that work for me, meaning I rarely test out new products. However, with winter in full swing - and all the skin problems associated with it, like dryness, redness and paleness - I decided I wanted to try some new items. So today I'm reviewing my two most recent makeup ventures...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - 01
I've heard people rave about Estee Lauder's Double Wear for years (one of my favourite bloggers/Youtubers, Anna Saccone, swears by it) and was always curious to try it. So as winter set in and my skin got increasingly temperamental - aka paler, drier and red in patches - I needed better coverage, and my BB cream just wasn't cutting it anymore. I opted for the Double Wear Light because in the past most "real" foundations have dried my skin out and looked too caked on (not what I was going for at all!) and I know the importance of letting my skin breathe. And since I'm so pale at the moment - I'm practically translucent - I got matched to the lightest shade.

Having bought this I tried it out the very next day and was absolutely amazed. Upon first wear my skin instantly appeared smoother, and there was no trace of redness showing through. Even though this is light it has perfect coverage and also gave me a natural glow, instantly making me look more awake. I wish I'd tried this years ago! I'm hooked. I also noticed after about a week of wear that my skin in general had cleared up - it wasn't dry or red - and I have to attribute it to this foundation because it is so moisturizing. It also fulfilled its claim of lasting for up to 15 hours, which is ideal for my long days at uni or work. I have to admit I don't wear it every day, especially if I'm not going anywhere too special (like the shops, or a quick walk) because my skin can get a bit oily with full foundation on, and needs at least a day a week without makeup altogether - oh the joys of combination skin! I would recommend this to everyone though (and have been!) because its combination of coverage and moisturising really saves my skin and it is definitely worth the investment.

 Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Fair 01
Contouring has suddenly become the biggest beauty trend, overtaking the need to get your eyebrows on fleek, and I hadn't even dipped my toes into the ocean of contouring kits around because honestly I was worried any bronzing product on my ghostly pale skin would only have me looking orange or obviously fake. This kit, however, was such a bargain that I couldn't resist, and I'd been looking for a way to wake up my face and define my cheekbones as I get ever paler..

This kit is in Ultra Fair 01, but I didn't believe it at first as the bronzer looks quite dark. And honestly, the first time I attempted to contour was a complete disaster! But I've learned that this bronzer needs a very light hand and a sweep or two at most. I haven't used the blusher as I'm still loyal to my Nars Amour, but my favourite part of this kit is the highlighter - a quick sweep on the top of my cheekbones really makes a difference, and I also put a little under my brows to open my eyes. I would recommend this palette to anyone who is trying out contouring - it's cheap, simple to use, and while it's not the best in the market it's very accessible. I love it, and have been using it every day (quite sparingly on the bronzer) to wake up my skin.

Finally a quick snap of me wearing these products - you can see how even my skintone appears thanks to Double Wear Light, and the contour palette gives me just enough definition. This is also my staple winter makeup look, so I might post a quick how-to if I either run out of outfits (or fail to get pictures thanks to the tiny window of decent lighting in winter days) or if anyone is interested!

Tara India xo

Friday, 27 November 2015

Light vs dark.

 Outfit - Topshop
Boots - Asos
Earrings - H&M

I'm not entirely sure where this year is gone, but now it's definitely winter and we're starting the ever-increasing run-up to Christmas.. and it's absolutely freezing in the West Midlands! Everything I'm loving at the moment is either faux fur, knitted, or looks good with two pairs of tights. So this faux fur gilet has got a bit of a re-style this year, and probably for the last time because it's now too cold to even just wear this! I love the pastel pink shade for winter though, so I couldn't let the season pass without wearing it. Dark colours always seem to overtake my love for pastels in the darker days, but every so often I like to make light shades the perfect foil to the dark (seriously, every year the fact it gets dark at 4pm shocks me) and this pastel pink and white outfit was perfect to lighten up the grey sky. I'm also in love with this jumper and love the stripes to add a pop of print to the otherwise monochrome outfit. I suppose the one saving grace of having to drag myself to campus every day (when I'd much rather be warm in bed) is that I have to come up with new outfits every day and be creative through the winter...

Tara India xo

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thigh High Boots.

 Jacket, Skirt & Bag - Topshop
Boots & Top - Missguided

Winter has come upon us swiftly this year - as I write it's about 4 degrees outside and I am bitterly dreading the walk to work - and so I've had to try to wrap up warm. It's not easy considering the wind whips through Birmingham, breaking umbrellas and practically giving me a free facelift, but I'm doing my best. And whatever they may say about this being the warmest November for a few years, I certainly don't remember it being this cold last year! My winter wardrobe is firmly in play now - I've added my faux fur collar, and started wearing long sleeves every day, but one of the pieces I've been living in is these gorgeous thigh high boots. Not only do they look good with all of my favourite skirts and allow me to keep some of my favourites from the warmer seasons going, but they provide an alternative to the black tights that quickly become my winter uniform, and I can even wear thick socks under them for extra warmth. It's totally worth risking a few inches of exposed thigh to the wind! I'd 100% recommend a pair to anyone this winter, and they'll see you through to spring as well. Mine are from Missguided, complete with tassels lacing the back for that seventies nod, and are probably the only flat shoes you will catch me in. This outfit saw me pair them up with my favourite autumnal skirt (I'm a sucker for that falling-leaves colour palette), a high necked black top, my trusty biker jacket and finally my favourite lipstick of the season. I'm not likely to be loving winter any time soon - I'd much rather be on holiday, or at least tucked up in bed with Netflix and my electric blanket, than fighting through the chill to get to class - but these boots are making the dark days a little lighter.

Tara India xo

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Autumn Favourites

Plenty of people do month-by-month favourites, but I'm probably not consistent enough to start posting favourites that regularly (and probably too much of a poor student to have new items to share every month - gotta stretch that loan!) so here are my autumn favourites. Recently I posted the reasons why I love autumn - convincing myself more than anyone - but these are the specific products and pieces that keep me fall-ing for this season.

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick (Party Line)
This isn't a new shade, but I've been waiting to wear it again since early spring (and since I had my pink dipdye, with which it clashed horribly) and recently I've been wearing it way too much. Something about the darkening days makes me want to toughen up my makeup, and XXX is the perfect shade - a dark berry which works perfectly with my propensity for all-black outfits in autumn/winter.

ASOS boots
I bought these boots (and another pair) when student loan came in and I'm so glad I treated myself. They're fairly classic and noncommittal, but this just means they go with everything! I've been wearing them pretty much every day, from lectures to nights out, and they are perfect - so comfortable, chunky enough to handle splashing through puddles yet cute enough that I can pair them with skirts, and the heel adds just enough height to keep me from looking as short as I really am. If you're looking for the perfect ankle boot, look no further.

Faux Fur Pompom - Topshop
The easiest way to ease into faux fur without sweating in lectures - it's not that cold yet! - this baby has been sitting on my bag every day, and makes me a little more excited to be carrying it into class full of textbooks.

Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay
I've been converted from the Naked 2 by the gorgeous tones of this palette. Yes, I've had it quite a while, but right now I'm all about that rose gold. The lighter tones are perfect for day, while the darker shades mean you can layer up a smoky bronze eye that matches the autumn leaves and takes you right through the night. I think everyone needs this palette!

Striped Rollneck - Topshop
It's no surprise that my fave jumper comes from Topshop (I confess, I'm addicted) but sweater weather is upon us and my current knitwear obsession comes in the form of this striped jumper. It's skinny, long-sleeved, and keeps away the bite of the wind - I'm in love!

Dry Shampoo - Batiste
In this increasingly chilly weather, and with my boiler/shower on the fritz (the joys of student living, eh?) I honestly can't brave washing my hair as often as I probably should.. so enter Batiste, my perennial favourite and hair saviour! Just a few sprays keeps my hair looking fresh, and saves me from potential pneumonia - it's a win win situation.

Pastel Coat - New Look
A year or so old now, this coat is a perennial favourite of mine and one of the pieces that gets me excited for autumn. Nothing contrasts a darkened, grey sky like pastel colours - the soft tones of autumn lend themselves to muted tones as an alternative to the all-black outfits I fall for in winter.

Since we're not allowed pets in my rented house (*sob*), I decided over the summer to get plants for my room. I love nature, and while I adore flowers they just seemed too high maintenance considering how busy I am, and the fact I'm often away for a few weeks at a time! So I chose these - sempervivum, a succulent and a cactus - because they are a gorgeous hue all year round, and remarkably low maintenance. And yes, I've named them.

Pens - Muji
One of the ways I destress and take a break from the mountain of academic work that uni throws at me is to journal - draw, paint, write, sketch - and I'm now a self-confessed stationary addict. Muji has by far the best pens with a wide selection of cute colours and thicknesses, perfect for creating pretty pages or simply writing up your notes in a more attractive way. I'm also obsessed with Moleskine journals, but that's another story....

Tara India xo

Friday, 6 November 2015


 Coat, Top & Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Asos
Bag - Vintage Chanel
Necklace & Ring - Swarovski

"I choose not the suffocating anesthetic of the suburbs, but the violent jolt of the Capital..."- Virginia Woolf, The Hours

On Wednesday I took a day trip to my favourite city - London. I've always loved the capital, and since spending a month studying at the Conde Nast College this summer I have been thoroughly in love with it. Even the grey weather and rain didn't phase me! I understand entirely what Virginia Woolf meant about the jolt of the capital - London is always so alive, so thrumming with the energy of all the lives lived out there, and there are always events and new places to explore. I can't wait to one day call London my home.

To tackle the city, the early and late trains and the grim November weather, I opted for my favourite new coat, this faux fur beauty from Topshop. It's not quite Miuccia's SS16 bright coloured fur, but it's a gorgeous grey that goes with everything and it's so soft and warm that I am actually craving snow just so I can truly appreciate it. It perfectly lightened up my otherwise dark ensemble, indulging my love for tartan borne of Alexander McQueen's Widows of Culloden.. As much as I love pastels in autumn/winter, I am always caught by darker shades as the sky darkens and I can't help but fall for berry lips and all-black everything - this outfit was a balance, and one I'm sure I'll be repeating.

I'll leave you all now with a few touristy/cheesy shots of me in London, enjoying my favourite city.. until next time, London..

 Tara India xo