Tuesday, 28 April 2015


 Top & Shoes - Topshop
Skirt, Jewellery & Sunglasses - Vintage
Handbag - Versace

If you've seen my last post you know I turned 21 on Sunday (I'm getting old!) and I spent the afternoon getting cake with friends, before hitting a pub for a chilled round or two. I was (obviously) overdressed for a Sunday in Harborne, but if you can't dress up on your birthday then when can you?! I went retro-fabulous and felt a bit like a cross between a ballet dancer and a 50s film star - which is never a bad combination! All of these items are probably some of my favourites, especially the vintage jewellery because it has lasted sixty-odd years by now and I hope in another sixty I'll still be wearing it. 

I'm trying not to get too reflective, but of course another year has passed and I am definitely an adult now - I can even drink in America - and I feel as though I really am growing up. I've started preferring bars and pubs to clubs, cocktails and wine to vodka or tequila, and classic styles to print clashes. I suppose it's just natural progression, and of course I am still young, but it is definitely time to wave goodbye to my teens and try not to freak out about getting close to thirty!

Tara India xo

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A small dose of summer.

 Outfit - Topshop
Jewellery - Vintage

 All hail the miniature burst of summer we had this week! I may have complained about people sunbathing back in March (it was still cold, okay?!) but now that the sun has got his hat on I'm taking full advantage. I had expected April to be stereotypically wet and showery, but even in Birmingham it's been warm - warm enough that I've ventured out without tights and sunglasses have become a staple again! This was one such occasion where I got to float around town feeling perfectly comfortable in just a dress and sandals - I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for months. Of course it's now got a bit colder again, but then again it is England and it could rain at any given moment. I'm still praising the (comparatively) glorious weather that finally let me leave home without a jacket!

It's terribly British for me to be blogging about the weather, but honestly it is a rather large conversation piece - especially when it is warm enough for the note-worthy appearance of my pale and rather confused legs! I will also say though that I am glad I wore this dress and let it take centre stage since it has recently been hidden under coats.. I would say it is now time to pack up my thickest winter gear and break into my summer wardrobe, and I can't wait! One final thing to say is that you should expect the next instalment to be a little reflective - I'm turning 21 tomorrow, and I don't think I'm completely ready to enter full adulthood!

Tara India xo

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Take it easy.

 Jumper, Skirt & Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Asos
Earrings & Ring - H&M
Watch - Vintage

This outfit was one that was thrown together quite quickly, and it is probably one of my most chilled-out looks. It's strange to think that a few years back I wouldn't be caught without lipstick or with only a simple jumper on top - apparently my growing up has also meant relaxing a little in terms of style. I think travelling probably contributed to this as well, because it taught me I don't have to be perfectly polished in order to look good! These days I'm often a little more laid back, falling for simple items or monochromatic shades, and I prefer to centre on one print than clash loads as I once did. I think this applies to becoming an adult in general - nearly 21 and I've finally realised that nobody really knows what they're doing, everyone is muddling through, and it's quite alright to relax! This look also features my newest favourite accessory, a chunky gold watch I found in a vintage shop back in Somerset (although since it's a year younger than me I can hardly bear to call it vintage!).. is this a concession to practicality being made? Shocking.

Finally, a quick bit of exciting life news - I've been accepted onto the Vogue Intensive Summer Course at the Conde Nast college of fashion and design! I'm super excited and can't wait, because fashion is the only industry I can see myself working in!

Tara India xo

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Too Haute To Handle.

 Top, Skirt, Jacket, Shoes & Sunglasses - Topshop
Bag - Longchamp
Watch - Vintage

I have to admit that having coloured hair is taking a bit of time to adjust to - it's playing havoc with my wardrobe choices. Not only are most of my pink items (of which I have a LOT) clashing in the most horrible way, but a lot of my lipsticks clash too! Finally it seems my recent propensity for monochromatic tones and neutral shades is paying off, because the pinkish hue of my dip dye adds the same pop as a lipstick with none of the effort of reapplication every time I sip my drink... So if you want to be bold with your hair it really can lift monochrome outfits, but there needs to be a bit more consideration when going for colours! This outfit was a rather thrown together look involving my favourite new slogan tee and a bodycon skirt to add more of a silhouette - and it could easily have been a little dull if it weren't for my hair. I'm also rather in love with these new sunglasses! That said, I'm still waiting for real summer to kick in because despite wearing these sunglasses I still have to tolerate tights and jackets because the weather is so unpredictable.. I'm not impressed. Roll on some real sunshine (which I'm aware I may not get until I go on holiday!)...

Tara India xo

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Think pink.

 Dress & Sandals - Topshop
Bag - Vintage Chanel
Lipstick - MAC (Mac Red)

This feels like a bit of a bitty post since I can't seem to fix on one topic to think about today, so read on for some amalgamation of all the thoughts in my brain at the minute! Firstly, I'm kind of repealing the last post about hair dying, because it seems that even two loads of bleach won't even let my dark hair go pastel pink! The slight peach colour washed out the first time I even washed my hair (I know it was semi-permanent but really??), so I decided to go brighter. So as an additional tip I will recommend Directions hair colour, and also say that I used red dye for 10 minutes to achieve this bright pink! I'm still not used to it, but I'm kind of enjoying having bright hair for summer!

And that leads me on to my next thought - I've been out in the sun today and despite waiting eagerly for sunshine for the last 6 months I'm afraid I have to be very British and complain about it.. I sat outside for only a few hours in the afternoon and ended up with pink shoulders already!

Finally a few words about this outfit, which is probably supposed to be the point of this blog! I couldn't leave this dress in the store because it reminds me of last year's Alexander Wang collection (minus the 'Parental Advisory' warning across the chest) and I love how it seems daring while it actually preserves a lot of dignity.. Although I have to say it won't work well for anyone who has real curves, because the mesh prevents the wearing of most underwear! I wore this day-to-night and felt perfectly comfortable, since it was actually fairly breathable, and I definitely think black is the most versatile colour. I also really enjoyed the contrast between this and my newly bright hair...

Tara India xo

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Peachy keen.

 Outfit - Topshop.

This post is just a few quick words about home hair dying before I head back to Birmingham tomorrow - it's not totally clear (thanks lighting for washing me out) but this week a friend dip-dyed my hair! I used Bleach London's Rose, which looks like a bright pink - and probably would turn out so on light blonde hair! - but has actually turned mine kind of peach.. I'm just going to go with it, because I was actually eyeing up the peach dye too! Plus peach is a very cute pastel colour, and I really feel like I'm heading into summer now. 

Here are a few words of advice though, aimed mostly at those of us who (like me) have really dark, really stubborn hair:

Leave the bleach on for at least half an hour.
If your hair is dark it goes without saying that you need to bleach it, and if it is as stubborn as mine I recommend leaving it on for at least half an hour. Mine took two applications and at least an hour to lighten up! And you can see when it is working because it literally strips the colour before your eyes..
Cover all surfaces.
When using bleach and hair dye (which is obviously meant to stain) make sure you cover everything - we used black bin bags and taped them to the floor. This means that not only was the carpet protected but any spilled bleach was visible so we could avoid sitting in it! I also got taped into a bin bag to save ruining any towels...
Heat helps.
I have no idea about the science, but sitting in a rather stuffy bathroom seemed to make the bleach take effect faster! My friend also recommends putting a bag over your hair - covering the scalp as well even if you're only dip-dying.
Get a friend involved!
For the first application, even on a dip dye or long hair that you think you can see, I recommend getting a trusted friend to help you out - especially when bleach is involved! They can see you from all angles and make sure there are no missed-out strands. For reapplication I will probably try to do it myself, since it will be just the pink dye!
Have fun with it!
Finally, I'd say just remember that hair grows! If you're thinking of trying anything then go for it - hair grows quite quickly and even if it's terrible you can always go get a cut or a fix-up at the hairdressers.. but home dying is fun, cheap, and a quick way to change up your look. It's also a lot less permanent than say, a tattoo!
Tara India xo

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

As close as I'll get to sportswear.

 T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes & Bag - Topshop
Bracelet - Lola Rose

I've never been one for the sportswear trend, maybe because I spent a lot of my teenage years in a tracksuit practicing gymnastics, so this is as close as I'll get! I'll never be swayed by wearing a sports bra as a top, or by so-called 'formal' joggers - in my opinion sportswear is for exercise, and I'll only be caught in it while going for a run or heading to and from the gym. The nearest I will go is this sweet mint green t-shirt (I fell for it in Urban Outfitters) and Topshop lace ups, and even then I've managed to make this look quite girlie by sticking to a pastel palette and wearing my softest, most feminine skirt. The skirt makes me feel a bit like a ballerina or a little pixie because it is so flowy! I do like the contrast between something so girlie and pretty and a very simple, practical t-shirt - I like to mix and match and keep things fresh, and this outfit feels very fresh thanks to its light colours. I was also slightly excited to be able to go out without a jacket - I'm glad I'm at home in Somerset where the weather is brightening up, because I doubt it will be this warm and sunny when I head back to Birmingham at the weekend! I wore this outfit yesterday intending just to go to town, but we ended up kind of exploring the prettiest local park..

Tara India xo

Friday, 3 April 2015

Fit and flare.

 Biker Jacket & Shoes - Topshop
Top - Missguided
Skirt - River Island
Bag - Asos
Jewellery - Swarovski

 Returning to a regular outfit post now, and finally one with a splash of colour. This bright pink skirt has been in my wardrobe for about four years now and, unlike other items, is still one of my favourites to wear. I love the retro fit and flare style of this look which has been slightly updated with a high necked crop top and necklace. This enjoyment of high necked pieces and crop tops is one of the few things I'm enjoying about the 90s revival that is happening all around me - I'm also a bit of a fan of chokers, but if you ever see me in mom jeans please take me home and make me change! I guess my problem with the nineties is that not only is it not at all similar to my personal style, but I also lived through most of it (and the early noughties) once and it feels far too recent to be being revived... I guess I now know how our parents feel when they see seventies and eighties style being brought back on trend! I know that a lot of teenagers and people a few years younger than me are really loving the nineties for its casual aesthetic and very versatile styles, but personally when it comes to styles from the past I will be sticking to forties and fifties for my inspiration...

Tara India xo