Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sweater Weather.

 Jacket, Jumper & Bag - Topshop
Skirt - Vintage
Boots - Asos
Necklace & Ring - Swarovski

Clearly I still can't resist the allure of Topshop (I was drawn like a moth to a flame only this morning) so it's no surprise it has given me my newest favourite jumper.. this gorgeous piece of knitted goodness comes in several other colours, but I fell for the stripes. They're classic, chic, and perennially stylish, so I anticipate wearing this jumper until it's so warm I'm melting out of it! And I can even pretend that it was a practical purchase, since the rollneck keeps away the bitter Birmingham wind - seriously, I've broken at least 2 umbrellas, and it starts to feel like a free facelift if you walk into it.. For this first wearing I've paired it with my pink vintage skirt to keep it light, and layered up with tights, ankle boots, and my biker jacket - I fall back on black accessories in autumn, which is another reason why I love pastel clothes right now!

This is just a quick post because I'm taking a break from essays and grammar, and I feel bad for how sporadically I've been posting.. This leads me onto a quick piece of advice for anyone currently being swallowed up by university (seriously, about now the essays hit and you've got your extracurriculars sorted, so there's never enough time in the day) - remember to take breaks! Even if it seems like you've got so much work you'll never get through it, and that there's not enough time, make sure you take a few well-placed pauses. Your brain will only become exhausted if you overwork it, and then nothing you produce will be your best work. So take a few breaks. If you've been stuck inside all day, go for a walk or go to the shop; if you've been writing take a break and have a drink or a snack or just watch tv; and if you feel like all your time is going on academia try to keep your hobbies up, be it sport or art or music. Towards the end of the term I might post some study tips, as I feel I'm really getting the hang of it! And stay tuned for my autumn favourites....

Tara India xo

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pastels for autumn.

 Coat - New Look
Skirt & Bag - Topshop
Jumper - H&M
Boots - Asos

It's officially knitwear season, and the only consolation for the downturn in weather is the chance to wrap myself up in absurdly snuggly clothes. It might just be the West Midlands, but the wind is harsh and the temperatures are dropping and all I want is knitwear and coats! It's still absurdly warm in my classes though (thankyou, UOB, for aggressively warm heating) which means I have to be sensible - there's no use wearing a gorgeous chunky knit and ending up sweating in your lesson, or on the walk in if you're running a bit late! So easing myself into the wintery pursuit of strong layering I've gone for a fairly light knit jumper under my favourite coat. Pastels are a bit of a year-round obsession for me, and I refuse to pack them away in winter - nothing makes the grey sky easier to take than a bit of colour, and pastels keep me looking forward to spring. In an attempt to not fall victim to hibernation as the days get shorter and my essays get more horrible, I've constructed a list of my favourite things about autumn/winter...

Sweater Weather.
It may be the point of this post, but I'm a knitwear addict.

Falling Leaves.
The rich golds and oranges inspire my journaling and creativity, plus I'm such a child that I love crunching through them!

Chai Lattes.
Everyone raves about PSL, but chai lattes will always remind me of autumn and Christmas. Maybe it's the cinnamon, maybe it's the obsession with iced drinks in the summer, but September-February will always be my chai latte season.

Daylight Saving.
Having just got an extra hour's sleep in between shifts at work, I'm really appreciating the clocks going back! 

Faux Fur.
My winter wardrobe is basically my summer wardrobe with the addition of faux fur... and I can never have enough. Only this week I bought a huge faux fur coat that's so gorgeous I actually want it to hit minus numbers to justify it! And I'm already lusting after a faux fur scarf...

I only get them when I'm at home for the holidays, but nothing beats a real fire in our wood-burner when the evenings get chilly!

If you know me then you're probably wondering why - I don't have a tree, don't really decorate or get into the spirit, and I definitely don't get involved for religious reasons! But I love any excuse to give presents to those I love, any excuse to eat more chocolate than I can physically bear, and I can't wait for the Christmas films to start.

These are a few of my favourite things about the coming seasons - and I'm going to come up with a more specific Autumn Favourites post with my favourite products and items of clothing, because changing from my summer to autumn wardrobe is a big shift in aesthetic..

Tara India xo 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Shine on.

 Outfit - Topshop
Bag - Versace

Every so often (and by this I mean once or twice a year) I decide to change my hair - I seem to be incapable of going in for a trim, and always end up doing something radical! Last time the urge overtook me I ended up with my pink dipdye (which I do miss), and this time I lost about a foot of hair in favour of this shorter do! I'd had long hair for years and just felt like a real change, so I bit the bullet and went for the chop.. and I love it. Honestly, even though I still get confused when brushing my hair and am clueless for hairstyles at this length, I really love how it looks and feels. I think changing your hair is the easiest way to update your look, and it's always going to grow out! So why not be bold? I'm sure no decent hairdresser would let you do anything too hideous....

Secondly, I'd like to announce I am head over heels with metallics! I'm sure I'll be recreating this shimmery look in the future as I loved wearing it out last night. There's something about metallics that are so glamorous, in that seventies disco way, and I spotted many on the catwalks this season. Instead of going over the top I tried to keep mine ladylike, pairing my silver tee (the newest autumn staple in my wardrobe) with a midi - full, ladylike skirts are everywhere at the moment and keep things classy! Don't worry though, I'm not oblivious to autumn - I wore my trusty leather jacket to toughen it up and beat out the chill.

Lastly, a word to anyone who reads my blog regularly (Hi, Mom!) I'm going to apologise for being so sporadic lately.. I had forgotten quite how much time uni swallows up out of my week, and as well as studying I'm working, as well as being an editorial assistant and writer for my student newspaper, and trying to squeeze in some socialising! So I'll post probably once a week to keep my looks fresh and my writing up! But if you want to see more style daily, then head over to the world wide wardrobe for the hottest international street style - I'm sub-editor.

Tara India xo

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fashion X Practicality

Jacket, Top & Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Missguided
Bag - Versace
 I've always been a little cautious of over-knee boots because I worried that my (already short) legs would look even shorter if I dared to put on a pair, but I've fallen in love with them this season so I had to give them a go.. Over-knee boots are everywhere, so finding my perfect pair wasn't exactly a challenge - I couldn't resist this Missguided pair with the nod to the seventies in the lace up back and cute tassels! The other deciding factor in choosing these was that I needed flat shoes to be able to walk into and around uni all day.. I know, I know, it is very unlike me to submit to practicality but when walking for around 2 hours a day just to attend class I've got to think of my poor feet. And this practical decision leads me to want to share a few of my campus tips - mostly things I've re-learned in my first week of second year!

Wear layers.
It might sound silly, but until you get to know your timetable and the rooms you're in make sure you wear an outfit that can be adapted for all temperatures - even if it's sunny outside some buildings manage to be arctic, and even if it's wintery sometimes the heating can leave you sweating if all you've got on is a chunky knit.

Practical shoes.
Practical doesn't mean ugly (my boots are pretty fabulous and still comfy), but if you've got to walk a long way to campus or just switch buildings a lot you don't want to be caught in uncomfortable shoes. Blisters are no fun! So however much you love heels you might have to lower them for class, and make sure you wear a pair in before sporting them on your longest day - believe me.

Measure your laptop.This might sound obvious, but before you go buying a new bag for uni (one of the best parts of the start of term is the justification for bags) measure your laptop in its case and check it will fit in whichever bag you choose!

Carry a few spares.
If you've only got an hour on campus this isn't necessary, but if you're in all day make sure you've got a few spares with you in case of emergency (fashion or otherwise) - tights, plasters, snacks, chargers, and maybe even flat shoes, are all rattling around in my bag. I rarely ever need them, but I'd rather not get caught out.

These are just a few things I've found make campus easier, at least from a fashion perspective. Maybe once I've got myself organised I'll post some study and organisation tips - I'm bordering on obsessed with planners and timetables and pens this year!

Tara India xo