Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Vintage finds.

 Outfit - Topshop
Bag - Vintage Gucci

"I like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet." - Carrie Bradshaw

It was love (or lust) at first sight when I saw this rare piece of Gucci heaven hiding away in a tiny vintage store in Somerset - I literally zeroed in on it when I walked in the door, and although I tried to be sensible about not explicitly needing another bag I just couldn't leave it. I even walked away and ended up going back! I didn't hit my overdraft, I had money coming in, and this was such a steal that now I have no regrets. Because what's the point of saving and saving and never treating yourself? Miss Bradshaw has the right idea - invest in things you love instead of watching a (slightly abstract) figure on a bank statement! Whether it's going out with friends, eating good food, or buying yourself pretty things you never need an excuse to spoil yourself a little bit. 

I've also noticed that for a girl who proclaims to love the 40s/50s I've started to let the seventies creep into my life - maybe it's the catwalk influence (and my current obsession with Rodarte SS/16), or maybe it's the vintage gems that are surfacing, but it's noticeable now. Platform shoes, a classic Gucci handbag, and even my beloved Praktica - the 70s are undeniable both in my wardrobe and in fashion. I suppose as well as treating yourself I'll just say that you're likely to change a lot, without even noticing. It's human nature. I'm sure the me from even a few years ago wouldn't recognise my current incarnation, and who knows who I'll be in a few years. But I can't wait to see (and probably cringe over all my current outfits!)..

Tara India xo

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lighten up.

 Outfit - Topshop
Bag, Sunglasses & Watch - Vintage

It seems only appropriate that my last summery outfit is one of the lightest in my wardrobe - I'd noticed I had become rather attached to my darker hues and wanted to shake things up a little. I know that black is classic, and if it ain't broke you don't fix it, but there's nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. I barely ever wear jeans because I feel lazy in them, but these light pink Topshop babies are anything but lazy (trust me, the effort to get them on and off is like a full cardio session), especially when matched with my silver sandals and fave print kimono. 

I'm sad to say it's time to pack up the summer wardrobe, I've already kissed goodbye to my co-ords and am not anticipating being bare-legged any time soon! But keep your eyes peeled on the blog for me taking on the transitional, temperamental autumn weather (damn you, West Midlands!) and hopefully a few new pieces when student loan boosts my bank account. Of course, that's all meant for studious things, but a few treats make the coursework go down a little easier! And that's why I haven't posted in a while - I've been trying to gather myself for second year of uni!

Tara India xo

Friday, 11 September 2015

Monochrome mash-up.

 Shirt & Bag - Vintage
Trousers, Sandals & Sunglasses - Topshop
Ring - Swarovski

If you've paid any attention to the A/W15 catwalk shows you'll know that monochrome madness is setting in - from Diane Von Furstenburg to Mugler this perennial classic cropped up, and whether it is worn simple and rebellious as at Saint Laurent or in a geometric, optical illusion in the style of Valentino or Pucci it seems you can't go wrong with black and white this season. A few years ago I would have hated it (I was all about colour, colour, colour), but now I'm embracing monochrome with open arms. Let's be honest, I've been loving it since last winter and now everyone else is too! 

That said, I'm trying to be a bit more economical and ethical with my purchasing, so I won't be racing down to the shops to pick up a few throwaway trend pieces - luckily my love for black and white means my wardrobe is already primed to make monochrome one of my key looks this season. I'm not totally into minimalism though, so my first take is a bit seventies, a bit clashy, and a bit classic all at the same time. Monochrome lets you play around with prints and textures, the lack of colour allowing for depth in other aspects, and I think that's why I love it. So to kick off my love affair with this trend I've matched my Topshop houndstooth trousers with a recently found vintage silk shirt (as much as I'm not a seventies chick, I fell for this), keeping the accessories simple. Personally, I think the key to print clashing is to keep everything else simple and let two or three statement prints do the talking. Finally, I suppose I am saying hello to autumn - I always darken my style as the days grow shorter.. 

Tara India xo

Sunday, 6 September 2015


I was lucky enough to spend most of my Friday exploring Banksy's latest work - and probably the best art installation I've ever seen - Dismaland. The "bemusement park" itself is in the old Weston-Super-Mare lido (the old fountain remains) and features work by not only Banksy but Damien Hirst, Ed Hall, Leigh Mulley, Dietrich Vegner, Jani Leinonen and many more. Here I've captured my favourite pieces, which were suprisingly not the most obvious attractions. Banksy's Cinderella castle and Ben Long's stallion were incredible to look at, and I couldn't help but love the faded glory of the ferris wheel, but I found myself drawn to the details - posters, signs, the old playground rides, Wasted Rita's fly posters.. My personal highlights were Death in a bumper car (being spun to Stayin' Alive!) and Jenny Holzer's billboards - she is one of my favourite modern artists and I find her statements and inflammatory essays incredibly thought-provoking.

If I were to describe Dismaland in three words the first would in fact be 'thought-provoking', followed by 'inspiringly dismal'. A few minutes in there and my mind was whirring with ideas about Banksy's clear anti-consumer commentary, and the more I explored the more I thought. So many issues are skated over at the moment and here we found them cleverly presented yet clear - immigration, consumerism, cruelty.. Banksy himself was said to have attended and heard people saying "But what does it do?" about some of the installations - clearly they're not getting the point. The entire advertising of this is one giant art piece, not really a seaside amusement, and you've got to dig a little deeper than that.. Hopefully, even if people don't understand it, their interest will be piqued and they can start looking into the meaning behind some of the artwork and become a little more conscious of the world around them - I know I've already got some issues to look into!

Tara India xo