Wednesday, 15 July 2015


 Outfit - Topshop
Shoes - Asos
Earrings - Forever 21

It seems crazy that these photos were taken only about a week ago - it feels like so long ago that I was travelling, even though I landed on Sunday! I guess it's because I'm so busy at the Conde Nast College, since I'm currently doing the Vogue Intensive Summer Course (more of which in a later post)! Honestly, I could write pages and pages about all my travelling experience and my tips and tricks, recommendations etc, but I'm not a travel blogger so I'll try to keep it succint.. Last week I was travelling, and I went to Istanbul, Budapest and Vienna in 9 days. These photos were taken in Budapest, from Buda Castle with the gorgeous view over the Danube - I couldn't resist some tourist photos and some cheeky outfit shots! I have to say that Budapest was my favourite because the city seemed so alive and pulsing with energy, yet was also a heaven of old architecture and beautiful attractions. I could have done with another few days there, especially since it was so cheap..

The first thing I noticed when travelling is how much more relaxed my style gets, and especially how much less time it takes in the morning before I am up and out - especially in hot countries (it was 45 degrees in Budapest!) - and how much simpler my makeup routine was. I'm hardly OTT with makeup back in England, but I pared it right down to primer, eye makeup and brows. I also hardly ever wear denim, or even shorts in this country, but I broke out my Topshop shorts because it was finally warm enough to justify them! I tried to keep it a fairly put-together outfit with the lace top and sunglasses, but practicality won out over heels or jewellery..

Now I'm just going to apologise for having neglected my blog recently, if anyone has noticed. It's just because my life has suddenly kicked into overdrive - I've been travelling and then came straight back into this course, and the crazy long days don't leave much time for blogging or anything! But I have so much to say about the Vogue course that I think I'll be posting again soon - suffice to say I'm loving it.

Tara India xo

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