Sunday, 5 July 2015

Growing up?!

 Top - Topshop
Skirt - Cow Vintage
Shoes & Earrings - New Look
Necklace & Watch - Vintage

Welcome to yet more musings on what it means to grow up, courtesy of being told I'm getting too old to wear jelly shoes .. Yes, they essentially were my childhood footwear and are potentially more suited to a seven year older than my 21 year old self, but they are so comfy and summery and playful! I do not think becoming an adult means you have to let go of all your fun clothing! Obviously there are times when you need to be Appropriate, such as work or formal events or interviews etc (the many dull adult things that have to be attended) - but in my spare time I fully intended to wear whatever I like! Besides, we're living longer these days so the early twenties is pretty much an extension of your teenage years considering we're mostly still studying - maybe by the time I hit 30, it will be time to age gracefully and put away my jelly shoes .. but for now I'm wearing them proudly, especially this new pair of gorgeous glittery mint jelly sandals with soles - it was love at first sight. I literally could not stop myself. And as much as I've said I do not count the nineties as the vintage, and as much as I remember the fashion from when I was a kid, there seems to be a distinct nineties vibe in my wardrobe these days. It seems that fashion gets faster and faster and recycled things from ten, twenty years ago are suddenly on the trend again (or maybe I'm just getting old!). This outfit has a definite 90s vibe mom .. I can not resist a bit of vintage, and this is part of a coord skirt I picked up a few weeks back in the Cow Vintage. I have not worn the full coord enough, but mixing and matching is part of the fun of them! I went fairly simple piled them on top and than some vintage jewelery for an outfit that's quite typical me these days ..

Tara Indian xo

Just a little postscript now - I'm posting from my hostel on my last night in Istanbul! I've been away for a few days and it is incredible - I can feel my travel bug coming back again .. if and when I get access to a computer I'll try and post more about my trip, but for now I'll just say I'm loving it (and sorry for being absent) and can't wait to head to Budapest tomorrow (but I'll miss Istanbul and could have spent much longer here!)

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