Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Prints charming.

 Jacket, Top, Sandals & Sunglasses - Topshop
Skirt & Necklace - Vintage
Bag - Asos

Print used to be one of the biggest features in my wardrobe, but as I've grown older I've simplified things a little -  meaning that this print clash, which would have been so safe when I was seventeen, is pushing the boat out a little now! Clashing prints is always a bit controversial because it can look so good, but it can also go so badly.. I think the key is to keep one of the prints simple and classic, then pair it with something a little bolder. I knew I wanted to play up the gorgeous floral pattern on this skirt, so I kept my top half fairly classic with a monochrome check. This outfit also falls into my failsafe category of 'retro with a twist', with the off-shoulder top, midi skirt and costume jewel necklace, all of which are staples in my wardrobe. If you know me at all then you know I'll pick retro over modern and vintage over minimal any day of the week!

Also I've got another (slightly sad) life update for you all: I've graduated from Conde Nast College after four amazing weeks! I met so many incredibly creative and talented people, really came to love life in London, and was so motivated and inspired by the course itself, so I'm sad to leave but so happy that I spent my summer at CNC. And now I'm back flitting between Birmingham and Somerset for the remainder of my summer.. I'm sorry about the inconsistent posting, but I had to set up the wifi at my new house in Birmingham - and it's been a busy few months!

Tara India xo

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