Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fashion X Practicality

Jacket, Top & Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Missguided
Bag - Versace
 I've always been a little cautious of over-knee boots because I worried that my (already short) legs would look even shorter if I dared to put on a pair, but I've fallen in love with them this season so I had to give them a go.. Over-knee boots are everywhere, so finding my perfect pair wasn't exactly a challenge - I couldn't resist this Missguided pair with the nod to the seventies in the lace up back and cute tassels! The other deciding factor in choosing these was that I needed flat shoes to be able to walk into and around uni all day.. I know, I know, it is very unlike me to submit to practicality but when walking for around 2 hours a day just to attend class I've got to think of my poor feet. And this practical decision leads me to want to share a few of my campus tips - mostly things I've re-learned in my first week of second year!

Wear layers.
It might sound silly, but until you get to know your timetable and the rooms you're in make sure you wear an outfit that can be adapted for all temperatures - even if it's sunny outside some buildings manage to be arctic, and even if it's wintery sometimes the heating can leave you sweating if all you've got on is a chunky knit.

Practical shoes.
Practical doesn't mean ugly (my boots are pretty fabulous and still comfy), but if you've got to walk a long way to campus or just switch buildings a lot you don't want to be caught in uncomfortable shoes. Blisters are no fun! So however much you love heels you might have to lower them for class, and make sure you wear a pair in before sporting them on your longest day - believe me.

Measure your laptop.This might sound obvious, but before you go buying a new bag for uni (one of the best parts of the start of term is the justification for bags) measure your laptop in its case and check it will fit in whichever bag you choose!

Carry a few spares.
If you've only got an hour on campus this isn't necessary, but if you're in all day make sure you've got a few spares with you in case of emergency (fashion or otherwise) - tights, plasters, snacks, chargers, and maybe even flat shoes, are all rattling around in my bag. I rarely ever need them, but I'd rather not get caught out.

These are just a few things I've found make campus easier, at least from a fashion perspective. Maybe once I've got myself organised I'll post some study and organisation tips - I'm bordering on obsessed with planners and timetables and pens this year!

Tara India xo

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