Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Shine on.

 Outfit - Topshop
Bag - Versace

Every so often (and by this I mean once or twice a year) I decide to change my hair - I seem to be incapable of going in for a trim, and always end up doing something radical! Last time the urge overtook me I ended up with my pink dipdye (which I do miss), and this time I lost about a foot of hair in favour of this shorter do! I'd had long hair for years and just felt like a real change, so I bit the bullet and went for the chop.. and I love it. Honestly, even though I still get confused when brushing my hair and am clueless for hairstyles at this length, I really love how it looks and feels. I think changing your hair is the easiest way to update your look, and it's always going to grow out! So why not be bold? I'm sure no decent hairdresser would let you do anything too hideous....

Secondly, I'd like to announce I am head over heels with metallics! I'm sure I'll be recreating this shimmery look in the future as I loved wearing it out last night. There's something about metallics that are so glamorous, in that seventies disco way, and I spotted many on the catwalks this season. Instead of going over the top I tried to keep mine ladylike, pairing my silver tee (the newest autumn staple in my wardrobe) with a midi - full, ladylike skirts are everywhere at the moment and keep things classy! Don't worry though, I'm not oblivious to autumn - I wore my trusty leather jacket to toughen it up and beat out the chill.

Lastly, a word to anyone who reads my blog regularly (Hi, Mom!) I'm going to apologise for being so sporadic lately.. I had forgotten quite how much time uni swallows up out of my week, and as well as studying I'm working, as well as being an editorial assistant and writer for my student newspaper, and trying to squeeze in some socialising! So I'll post probably once a week to keep my looks fresh and my writing up! But if you want to see more style daily, then head over to the world wide wardrobe for the hottest international street style - I'm sub-editor.

Tara India xo

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