Friday, 17 October 2014


Embellished Bra - RaveLux
Tutu & Shoes - Ebay

Sorry for a few days of radio silence, but I've been in that post-concert state of delusion! I spent Wednesday night raving with Lady Gaga, and real life just isn't as exciting.. Not only was she an incredible performer with an incredible full stage show that stretched out into the crowd via see-through walkways and platforms, she had amazing costumes that ranged from the surreal to the fabulous, and was honestly one of the most inspirational, interactive artists I've ever seen. The personal element is what makes her shows incredible, and even when addressing an arena full of fans it feels like she is talking to you when sharing her experiences and inspiring everyone to be more creative. I essentially had the best night of my life, and was so distracted I even forgot to take pictures! Now I think it's official - the best live performer is Lady Gaga, and even Born This Way Ball wasn't as fabulous as artRAVE!

Tara India

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