Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A different girl every day.

Crop Top, Skirt, Flatforms & Bag - Topshop
Jacket - New Look
Sunglasses - Vintage
Ring -

Getting dressed in the mornings is not just about look, or weather, or practicality; although these things all factor into the day's outfit, getting dressed is about feel. Or at least, that's how I get dressed because hanging in my wardrobe are not just fabrics, but personalities. Do I feel like a vintage starlet or a nineties pop star? Do I feel girlie or tough? Even if I plan an outfit, if I wake up and the aesthetic doesn't match my specific mood and current persona, I'll change. And that's why the looks on here, while all cohesive, have some fairly different vibes: I never feel exactly the same from one day to the next, and since I dress for my feelings I never dress exactly the same! Style is about self-expression, and I personally have a wide range of characters. The most prevalent at the moment however is one that loves monochrome simplicity and block colours with a taste for texture, hence this black and white outfit. The lace skirt provides detail when up close, and is one of my favourites, while the outfit in its entirety has a delightful simplicity when viewed from further away. Now let's see who I feel like when I next get dressed...

Tara India xo

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  1. Awesome shots :) I think should share your photos on, too :)