Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Blending in.

Dress, Coat & Shoes - Topshop
Mini Satchel - ASOS
Bracelet - Vintage Swarovski

The term 'fashion chameleon' is often bandied about like it's a good thing, being able to blend in to any fashion trend going and constantly reinvent yourself. And I agree, reinvention can be good, but blending in is never my thing! I'd rather have my own style running through, and let that make me distinctive and individual. I'm not the only one who'd say that my outfits turn heads (and not in a vain way), because I usually pull out all the stops for outfits and attract attention for being brave and often over the top with my ensemble. I'd much rather stand out and know that I look good. Which is why this dress is a small departure from that, with its camouflage hue and simple accessories. I originally wanted a print version of this, but only the green was in my size so I tried something new! And maybe it's blend-in quality makes this dress a stand-out among my usual wardrobe choices..

Tara India xo

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