Monday, 26 January 2015

The devil is in the detail.

Coat, Top, Socks & Shoes - Topshop
Trousers - Asos
Bag - Versace
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
Lipstick - Revlon

Sure, looking good at a distance is important since that's how most people will see you, and that is why an ensemble is exactly that - an outfit that works well together. But in this regard I think an outfit is like a painting: from far away it could seem beautiful, but if you get close up and see blank spots, rushed drawing or badly covered mistakes you are less likely to remember it. So it follows that when it comes to outfits it's not just the big picture that counts, and that the mark of a truly good one is in the detail. I've always been one for attention to detail, and I'm counting my lucky stars because it means that I always look put together and that my outfits are generally very finished, cohesive and interesting (I hate blowing my own trumpet but it's true!). Especially now I'm on a tight budget I'm really finding that the smallest changes to an outfit can totally revitalise it, and can also take it from day to night or winter to spring.

This outfit is all about the detail for me, because while the floral print trousers are the only real standout piece at a distance the simple pairing of a monochromatic top and coat allowed me to go to town on my accessories. My statement necklace is a personal favourite (I'm so glad I have such a selection of jewellery now I can't afford many new clothes!), and with my beautiful Versace handbag it adds a touch of luxe to an otherwise eclectic ensemble. Then get even closer and spot my newest footwear - gorgeous holographic sandals I've been itching to get my hands on for months! I've even made them winter-friendly with some cute pastel socks. I do feel like I'm really bigging myself up here, but surely that's what showing off a look is all about? Details are a great way to revamp clothes on a budget, while also making you look put together and like you've made a lot more effort than you probably have - case in point here since I got ready in 45 minutes!

Tara India xo

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