Thursday, 22 January 2015

Maximum impact.

Coat & Shoes - Topshop
Maxi Dress - Cow Vintage
Bag - Longchamp
Necklace - Vintage

As a petite girl I've always tended to avoid maxi dresses, not only because they seem to be designed for runway models and elves and usually leave me with fabric pooling around my feet and tripping me on the stairs, but because I worry they'll make me look shorter. I know that not only could I take them up fairly easily (as I do with jeans), but the optical illusion could have the opposite effect and actually add inches, but that doesn't seem to have sunk in. I probably own only two other maxi dresses, both of which inhabit my wardrobe waiting for a braver day.. However, I tried this vintage maxi on and was surprised to find that not only did it fall at a perfect length (which must be some kind of witchcraft!), but the style was flattering since I could use the ties to cinch in my waist and avoid that oh-so-attractive potato sack look. While I struggle to really call this vintage since it is probably no older than I am - and nineties is NOT vintage! - it was a perfect second-hand find, and while I loved layering it up for winter I am looking forward to swishing around in it in summer..

Tara India xo

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