Sunday, 15 February 2015

Treat yourself.

Biker Jacket & Skirt - Topshop
Top - Missguided
Ankle Boots - New Look
Necklace & Ring - Swarovski

I feel like I should be saying something about Valentine's Day, something about romance or love or even the joys of being single and not having to organise something! But I have to confess I've never been into V-Day as a concept - why wait for one day a year to show your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them? I'm always the one that ends up giving people gifts at completely random times of the year just because I saw something and it made me think of them, and when it comes to loved ones I think that's better - there doesn't have to be a reason to show you care. And I'm not even just applying that to other people. I know on February 14th a lot of single people will either be upset over exes, being bitter about love while drinking copious amounts of wine, or celebrating themselves for enjoying the single life, but you don't even need an excuse for that! I like to treat myself day in and day out with little things - pepsi max, expensive coffee, and shopping trips. And this is my newest treat - this gorgeous embroidered skirt from Topshop! I'm still trying to break away from the comfort of black and dark hues (and not totally succeeding), and the bright flowers are a step in the right direction. Now I'm just waiting for spring and for the earth to match...

Tara India xo

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