Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A little late for Glasto..

Dress - Cow Vintage
Shoes & Flower Crown - New Look
Bag - Asos
Earrings - H&M
Watch & Necklace - Vintage

 It's the little moments of peace and enjoyment among the chaos that make life worth living. Most of us lead a very fast lifestyle, constantly flitting between work, study, friends, family, and social media, meaning there's barely enough time in the day and we never get to rest. Often everything feels quite rushed as we power on through life, racing from one day to the next, and it's a very tiring way to live. But every so often, once in a while, there's a softer moment - where everything slows a little and you find yourself inescapably glad to be alive, to be exactly there, and a little bit of calm creeps into your heart. Sometimes it's okay to live a little slower, if you're enjoying it..

I suppose these photos from today made me start thinking philosophically because I've been constantly on the move lately, and will be for the next 6 weeks or so (and I will be even less reliable with posting!). I'm up and down the country, and on Friday I'm going travelling, only to return and live in London to do the Vogue Intensive Summer Course! And today I've been packing like mad (having left it to the last minute a bit), but I went out for lunch with my mum in Glastonbury and I couldn't help but appreciate the serenity of it. Glastonbury as a town is incredibly zen and chilled, quite sleepy, and I love it. So I may not have gone to the festival, but I did pop in and indulge my inner Lana/flower child with this maxi dress and flower crown combination! I fell for this dress in Cow Vintage and couldn't help myself (wow, saying that feels like deja vu!), and I immediately pictured it worn just like this - with flowers in my hair for a hippie vibe that is tamed by the mint jelly sandals. What better place than Glastonbury to float around in this outfit?

Tara India xo

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