Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Makeup review: Estee Lauder & Revolution!

This happens once in a blue moon (and therefore deserves recognition) - I've switched up my makeup! I'm usually the kind of girl that sticks to her old favourites (click here for my makeup essentials) and I tend to repurchase the products that work for me, meaning I rarely test out new products. However, with winter in full swing - and all the skin problems associated with it, like dryness, redness and paleness - I decided I wanted to try some new items. So today I'm reviewing my two most recent makeup ventures...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - 01
I've heard people rave about Estee Lauder's Double Wear for years (one of my favourite bloggers/Youtubers, Anna Saccone, swears by it) and was always curious to try it. So as winter set in and my skin got increasingly temperamental - aka paler, drier and red in patches - I needed better coverage, and my BB cream just wasn't cutting it anymore. I opted for the Double Wear Light because in the past most "real" foundations have dried my skin out and looked too caked on (not what I was going for at all!) and I know the importance of letting my skin breathe. And since I'm so pale at the moment - I'm practically translucent - I got matched to the lightest shade.

Having bought this I tried it out the very next day and was absolutely amazed. Upon first wear my skin instantly appeared smoother, and there was no trace of redness showing through. Even though this is light it has perfect coverage and also gave me a natural glow, instantly making me look more awake. I wish I'd tried this years ago! I'm hooked. I also noticed after about a week of wear that my skin in general had cleared up - it wasn't dry or red - and I have to attribute it to this foundation because it is so moisturizing. It also fulfilled its claim of lasting for up to 15 hours, which is ideal for my long days at uni or work. I have to admit I don't wear it every day, especially if I'm not going anywhere too special (like the shops, or a quick walk) because my skin can get a bit oily with full foundation on, and needs at least a day a week without makeup altogether - oh the joys of combination skin! I would recommend this to everyone though (and have been!) because its combination of coverage and moisturising really saves my skin and it is definitely worth the investment.

 Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Fair 01
Contouring has suddenly become the biggest beauty trend, overtaking the need to get your eyebrows on fleek, and I hadn't even dipped my toes into the ocean of contouring kits around because honestly I was worried any bronzing product on my ghostly pale skin would only have me looking orange or obviously fake. This kit, however, was such a bargain that I couldn't resist, and I'd been looking for a way to wake up my face and define my cheekbones as I get ever paler..

This kit is in Ultra Fair 01, but I didn't believe it at first as the bronzer looks quite dark. And honestly, the first time I attempted to contour was a complete disaster! But I've learned that this bronzer needs a very light hand and a sweep or two at most. I haven't used the blusher as I'm still loyal to my Nars Amour, but my favourite part of this kit is the highlighter - a quick sweep on the top of my cheekbones really makes a difference, and I also put a little under my brows to open my eyes. I would recommend this palette to anyone who is trying out contouring - it's cheap, simple to use, and while it's not the best in the market it's very accessible. I love it, and have been using it every day (quite sparingly on the bronzer) to wake up my skin.

Finally a quick snap of me wearing these products - you can see how even my skintone appears thanks to Double Wear Light, and the contour palette gives me just enough definition. This is also my staple winter makeup look, so I might post a quick how-to if I either run out of outfits (or fail to get pictures thanks to the tiny window of decent lighting in winter days) or if anyone is interested!

Tara India xo

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