Saturday, 14 November 2015

Autumn Favourites

Plenty of people do month-by-month favourites, but I'm probably not consistent enough to start posting favourites that regularly (and probably too much of a poor student to have new items to share every month - gotta stretch that loan!) so here are my autumn favourites. Recently I posted the reasons why I love autumn - convincing myself more than anyone - but these are the specific products and pieces that keep me fall-ing for this season.

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick (Party Line)
This isn't a new shade, but I've been waiting to wear it again since early spring (and since I had my pink dipdye, with which it clashed horribly) and recently I've been wearing it way too much. Something about the darkening days makes me want to toughen up my makeup, and XXX is the perfect shade - a dark berry which works perfectly with my propensity for all-black outfits in autumn/winter.

ASOS boots
I bought these boots (and another pair) when student loan came in and I'm so glad I treated myself. They're fairly classic and noncommittal, but this just means they go with everything! I've been wearing them pretty much every day, from lectures to nights out, and they are perfect - so comfortable, chunky enough to handle splashing through puddles yet cute enough that I can pair them with skirts, and the heel adds just enough height to keep me from looking as short as I really am. If you're looking for the perfect ankle boot, look no further.

Faux Fur Pompom - Topshop
The easiest way to ease into faux fur without sweating in lectures - it's not that cold yet! - this baby has been sitting on my bag every day, and makes me a little more excited to be carrying it into class full of textbooks.

Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay
I've been converted from the Naked 2 by the gorgeous tones of this palette. Yes, I've had it quite a while, but right now I'm all about that rose gold. The lighter tones are perfect for day, while the darker shades mean you can layer up a smoky bronze eye that matches the autumn leaves and takes you right through the night. I think everyone needs this palette!

Striped Rollneck - Topshop
It's no surprise that my fave jumper comes from Topshop (I confess, I'm addicted) but sweater weather is upon us and my current knitwear obsession comes in the form of this striped jumper. It's skinny, long-sleeved, and keeps away the bite of the wind - I'm in love!

Dry Shampoo - Batiste
In this increasingly chilly weather, and with my boiler/shower on the fritz (the joys of student living, eh?) I honestly can't brave washing my hair as often as I probably should.. so enter Batiste, my perennial favourite and hair saviour! Just a few sprays keeps my hair looking fresh, and saves me from potential pneumonia - it's a win win situation.

Pastel Coat - New Look
A year or so old now, this coat is a perennial favourite of mine and one of the pieces that gets me excited for autumn. Nothing contrasts a darkened, grey sky like pastel colours - the soft tones of autumn lend themselves to muted tones as an alternative to the all-black outfits I fall for in winter.

Since we're not allowed pets in my rented house (*sob*), I decided over the summer to get plants for my room. I love nature, and while I adore flowers they just seemed too high maintenance considering how busy I am, and the fact I'm often away for a few weeks at a time! So I chose these - sempervivum, a succulent and a cactus - because they are a gorgeous hue all year round, and remarkably low maintenance. And yes, I've named them.

Pens - Muji
One of the ways I destress and take a break from the mountain of academic work that uni throws at me is to journal - draw, paint, write, sketch - and I'm now a self-confessed stationary addict. Muji has by far the best pens with a wide selection of cute colours and thicknesses, perfect for creating pretty pages or simply writing up your notes in a more attractive way. I'm also obsessed with Moleskine journals, but that's another story....

Tara India xo

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