Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thigh High Boots.

 Jacket, Skirt & Bag - Topshop
Boots & Top - Missguided

Winter has come upon us swiftly this year - as I write it's about 4 degrees outside and I am bitterly dreading the walk to work - and so I've had to try to wrap up warm. It's not easy considering the wind whips through Birmingham, breaking umbrellas and practically giving me a free facelift, but I'm doing my best. And whatever they may say about this being the warmest November for a few years, I certainly don't remember it being this cold last year! My winter wardrobe is firmly in play now - I've added my faux fur collar, and started wearing long sleeves every day, but one of the pieces I've been living in is these gorgeous thigh high boots. Not only do they look good with all of my favourite skirts and allow me to keep some of my favourites from the warmer seasons going, but they provide an alternative to the black tights that quickly become my winter uniform, and I can even wear thick socks under them for extra warmth. It's totally worth risking a few inches of exposed thigh to the wind! I'd 100% recommend a pair to anyone this winter, and they'll see you through to spring as well. Mine are from Missguided, complete with tassels lacing the back for that seventies nod, and are probably the only flat shoes you will catch me in. This outfit saw me pair them up with my favourite autumnal skirt (I'm a sucker for that falling-leaves colour palette), a high necked black top, my trusty biker jacket and finally my favourite lipstick of the season. I'm not likely to be loving winter any time soon - I'd much rather be on holiday, or at least tucked up in bed with Netflix and my electric blanket, than fighting through the chill to get to class - but these boots are making the dark days a little lighter.

Tara India xo

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