Thursday, 14 May 2015

Finding the right jeans.

 Outfit - Topshop
Necklace - Tiffany

What's this? Tara's wearing jeans?? I have to admit I almost exclusively wear skirts & dresses, occasionally shorts or trousers, but never jeans. I'm not saying that jeans can't look good - they are a versatile, casual and very workable wardrobe staple - but that I personally find them hard to wear. It's almost impossible to find a pair that fit me, thanks to being a mere 5'0, so the taking up becomes too much effort. Jeans are notoriously difficult to buy as well, so I'm going to put a few tips on shopping for jeans below! I also feel almost underdressed in jeans, which leaves me a little uncomfortable, probably because I wear them to work up in Birmingham or only to run to the corner shop. As a serial overdresser I'm not a fan of outfits that look too low-maintenance, and so I steer away from jeans as being too lowkey for me. However, I'd been eyeing up this Topshop pair for a while - the light pink hue made me think of spring, as well as fitting in more with the colour palette of my wardrobe - so I eventually bit the bullet, tried them on and had to buy them! And I do love them. They are fairly skin-tight and a little unforgiving, but I love them. That said, I wouldn't call myself a convert to jeans and you will probably never see me in classic blue denims because I prefer something a little more statement..

As promised, here are a few tips for buying jeans:

Don't be a slave to sizes.
I had to go a size up from my usual in these jeans simply because they are so tight, so I'd recommed trying the size up - you can always go and get the size down afterwards, but nobody needs the feeling of their usual size failing to go on! With jeans I'd say ignore what size you usually are and just find the one that flatters, regardless of the label.

Don't try them on right after eating.
It sounds silly, but everyone bloats a bit after a meal or even after a large coffee, and once again, nobody needs the feeling of not fitting into the jeans. That said, if you put them on and don't feel there is room to eat (or drink, or breathe!) then go a size up and avoid the guilt!
Height does make a difference.
If you aren't of average height, then don't waste your time in the standard section - whether you're tall or petite, go to the appropriate section because you want your jeans to hit the right length. Topshop is especially good for this.
Always try before you buy.
The above tips have all related to trying on, because if there's one item you need to try on it is jeans! The perfect, flattering pair are difficult to find so try on a few and pick the best, never just pick them up thinking they'll be fine... going home and realising they don't fit is even more annoying because you have to work out returns. This is why I will never buy jeans online either!
Tara India xo

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