Sunday, 10 May 2015

Optimistic dressing.

 Biker Jacket, Skirt, Top & Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Vintage
Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood

Transitional weather is probably the hardest to dress for, especially in England! The days are so unpredictable that it could change within a few hours, which makes going out all day or from day to night a bit of a challenge - wake up to sunshine and it's sure to rain, especially if you go without a jacket, and if it's raining in the morning it could easily be sunny later and you end up boiling.. Spring, and autumn of course, is the epitome of this and it makes choosing an outfit especially difficult. That said, everyone knows I never dress for the weather - however, I'd say this temperamental climate is one of the main reasons! I've got a little better in that I always take a jacket out, and I've even succumbed to skin-toned tights, but I will say I usually end up just wearing whatever I want and accepting the consequences! I wore this outfit last week to go shopping, simply because now that slightly nicer temperatures have descended I've really got back into bardot-style necklines - I love the retro glamour of an off-shoulder top/dress and I own quite a few! I enjoy making retro silhouettes a little more modern though, which is why I didn't go for a flared skirt, but a straighter tapestry skirt and a biker jacket. I'd say my style is often a mix of retro and modern and this is one of my favourite outfits recently. I was a little chilly while out, but now that it's May I'd say I'd rather just dress pretty and hope for the best - although my mum did say my optimism was bordering on delusion....

Tara India xo

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