Thursday, 7 May 2015

I'm a 90s chick.

 Maxi Dress - Cow Vintage
Shoes - Dr Marten
Watch - Vintage
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood

For the first time in my life, summer will be the season of the maxi dress. I've said it before, but for some reason I always shied away from them! It might have been the fear of looking even tinier than I am (I am, after all, only a mere five foot tall), or perhaps it was just the anticipation of having to take them up every time... either way, before this year I probably owned two and had worn them maybe once each. Now however I seem to have struck the jackpot with Cow Vintage - both of the maxi dresses I have bought have been perfect length and also managed not to dwarf me! I will admit that I feel like some kind of 1990s mom - but maybe I've just grown up too much now to go back to the rave kid aesthetic! Looks like I'll be clearing out the vintage floral maxis to float around in this summer...

Also, as if you couldn't tell, I have dyed my hair yet again! My hair seems particularly resistant to dye - maybe it's the natural darkness, or the texture/porousness, but one or two washes and the last colour was almost gone.. So this time around I've gone for what I call 'Neon Baby Pink' (it's actually Carnation Pink by Directions) on top of yet another load of bleach. And while I want this pink to last a while (because I love it!) I don't mind if it washes out in a few weeks, because that just means I can test out even more colour over the summer! But let's see how long this lasts....

Tara India xo

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