Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Return of the jelly shoes.

 Top - H&M
Skirt, Jacket, Socks & Choker - Topshop
Shoes & Bag - Asos
Watch - Vintage

It's a little frustrating that even when it's nearly June I'm still taking a jacket everywhere! I'm enjoying not having to wear tights (which are, in all honesty, just a pain) but here in Birmingham I can't seem to go out without getting a free facelift off the wind, which means I'm still toting around my biker jacket despite the fact I just want to wear t-shirts and bralets and not have to bother! I had all kinds of summery outfits planned, I've packed away my winter wardrobe, and yet I still can't wear my summer favourites. Hurry up English summer! This outfit was a bit of a thrown together choice since all the outfits I wanted to wear were decidedly impractical.. and so I've stuck to my current monochrome obsession! I do like the way my hair colour really pops, especially now it's some candyfloss colour, and I am enjoying the release of my inner six year old with the return of my jelly shoes and cute socks. It's hardly the most grown up fashion choice, but they're cute, comfy and best of all glittery! But like I said, I'll be even happier when I can go out without my jacket and not catch pneumonia...

Tara India xo

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