Sunday, 8 March 2015

To spend, or not to spend?

 Jacket, Skirt, Top & Shoes - Topshop
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me will agree I am not very good at saving money - if I go out anywhere you can bet my bank card will come home crying. The only way seems to be avoidance (I'm currently avoiding Topshop) and staying in, or making plans like a Costa date which can't be too expensive! But lately it's got me thinking about the value of spending over saving: is it really worth living cheaply and hoarding money, or is it better to enjoy the moment and have a little less tucked away?

Of course, in this economic climate where prices seem inordinately high and jobs aren't exactly easy to come by, I'd never say that you should be maxing out credit cards or living in your overdraft because that's just not sensible at all. But it seems equally insensible to me to be living as if you have £10 to your name when really you've got plenty of savings. I suppose this is a matter of tempered enjoyment - life is way too short to be miserable, and personally I'm far too young to be stuck inside every day eating 17p baked beans. Plus I love clothes way too much to ever stop spending! I suppose I'm saying that if you know you've got enough money to cover the essentials (all the boring things like bills, food, rent etc) and you feel like spending the extra on something enjoyable - go for it! I'm a "poor student" as everyone likes to say, but because I know I work and earn money and I've saved what I can so far, I'm not going to stop myself spending a little on a few enjoyable, potentially frivolous things now and then! This week I've been out twice in the evening and had lunch out twice because spending time with my friends was more enjoyable than sitting at home. I also know people think I spend a lot of money, but really I never spend more than I can afford - I've never gone overdrawn, and I even paid for 5 months of travelling by myself. Which is what I mean when I say be sensible - there's no point living like Scrooge if you can afford some fun because life is too short and every moment should be enjoyed. And then again, don't just spend until you've got nothing left. Balance is the key.

Tara India xo

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