Saturday, 11 April 2015

Peachy keen.

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This post is just a few quick words about home hair dying before I head back to Birmingham tomorrow - it's not totally clear (thanks lighting for washing me out) but this week a friend dip-dyed my hair! I used Bleach London's Rose, which looks like a bright pink - and probably would turn out so on light blonde hair! - but has actually turned mine kind of peach.. I'm just going to go with it, because I was actually eyeing up the peach dye too! Plus peach is a very cute pastel colour, and I really feel like I'm heading into summer now. 

Here are a few words of advice though, aimed mostly at those of us who (like me) have really dark, really stubborn hair:

Leave the bleach on for at least half an hour.
If your hair is dark it goes without saying that you need to bleach it, and if it is as stubborn as mine I recommend leaving it on for at least half an hour. Mine took two applications and at least an hour to lighten up! And you can see when it is working because it literally strips the colour before your eyes..
Cover all surfaces.
When using bleach and hair dye (which is obviously meant to stain) make sure you cover everything - we used black bin bags and taped them to the floor. This means that not only was the carpet protected but any spilled bleach was visible so we could avoid sitting in it! I also got taped into a bin bag to save ruining any towels...
Heat helps.
I have no idea about the science, but sitting in a rather stuffy bathroom seemed to make the bleach take effect faster! My friend also recommends putting a bag over your hair - covering the scalp as well even if you're only dip-dying.
Get a friend involved!
For the first application, even on a dip dye or long hair that you think you can see, I recommend getting a trusted friend to help you out - especially when bleach is involved! They can see you from all angles and make sure there are no missed-out strands. For reapplication I will probably try to do it myself, since it will be just the pink dye!
Have fun with it!
Finally, I'd say just remember that hair grows! If you're thinking of trying anything then go for it - hair grows quite quickly and even if it's terrible you can always go get a cut or a fix-up at the hairdressers.. but home dying is fun, cheap, and a quick way to change up your look. It's also a lot less permanent than say, a tattoo!
Tara India xo

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