Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Think pink.

 Dress & Sandals - Topshop
Bag - Vintage Chanel
Lipstick - MAC (Mac Red)

This feels like a bit of a bitty post since I can't seem to fix on one topic to think about today, so read on for some amalgamation of all the thoughts in my brain at the minute! Firstly, I'm kind of repealing the last post about hair dying, because it seems that even two loads of bleach won't even let my dark hair go pastel pink! The slight peach colour washed out the first time I even washed my hair (I know it was semi-permanent but really??), so I decided to go brighter. So as an additional tip I will recommend Directions hair colour, and also say that I used red dye for 10 minutes to achieve this bright pink! I'm still not used to it, but I'm kind of enjoying having bright hair for summer!

And that leads me on to my next thought - I've been out in the sun today and despite waiting eagerly for sunshine for the last 6 months I'm afraid I have to be very British and complain about it.. I sat outside for only a few hours in the afternoon and ended up with pink shoulders already!

Finally a few words about this outfit, which is probably supposed to be the point of this blog! I couldn't leave this dress in the store because it reminds me of last year's Alexander Wang collection (minus the 'Parental Advisory' warning across the chest) and I love how it seems daring while it actually preserves a lot of dignity.. Although I have to say it won't work well for anyone who has real curves, because the mesh prevents the wearing of most underwear! I wore this day-to-night and felt perfectly comfortable, since it was actually fairly breathable, and I definitely think black is the most versatile colour. I also really enjoyed the contrast between this and my newly bright hair...

Tara India xo


  1. Love the hair and that dress is fabulous! i'd love to wear a dress like this but mamma got rolls she don't wont on display lmfao love this look on you though

    1. Thankyou lovely honestly I think you'd look good in this too!!