Friday, 26 June 2015

Colour clash.

 Dress, Shoes & Jacket - Topshop
Bag - Asos
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood
Watch - Vintage

There's that old adage that pink and green should never be seen, but sometimes I like to ignore the rules and try some unusual colour combinations. This dark, almost army green is actually lightened and lifted to being a more summery shade when combined with the (currently) hot pink of my hair and the almost holographic baby pink sandals. I'd almost resigned myself to only wearing this dress in winter, but it turns out to be good in summer too! I'm thinking a lot about wardrobe choices at the moment since I have to pack not only for my 9 days abroad, but for my time in London doing the Vogue course at the same time. How am I supposed to know which outfits I will want in a month's time?? And of course there is no relying on the English weather.. I suppose I will just have to pack my current favourites and resign myself to the fact I'll be shopping a bit! Honestly, living out of a bag/case again is going to be a challenge considering I'm going to want to look on point in London - this should really test my mixing and matching capabilities, and maybe force me to try out new combinations that I'm unsure of.. I'd say I'm up to the challenge! For now though, I'm going to enjoy my final day of relaxation before being on the go, and try not to be too jealous of all the people seeing Florence at Glastonbury tonight!

Tara India xo

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