Saturday, 6 June 2015

Trying something new.

 Outfit - Topshop
Bag - Asos
Necklace & Watch - Vintage

For someone who is completely enamoured with fifties glamour, the fit and flare silhouette, and being perfectly polished at all times, this really is a step outside of my comfort zone. But I fell in love with this long kimono at first sight and finally let myself buy it because now that summer is coming around I want to float around in a slightly more relaxed fashion. I also enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone style-wise, which is why I'm trying out a more hippie-ish, seventies look with this chilled-out dress and light kimono. Sometimes we can get caught up in one look - when you find something that works for you the temptation is to stick with it and not experiment! But I don't want to become predictable, which is why I've been trying out some new styles lately: I kept my hair natural and classic for years, so I switched it up with some bright colour; I usually go for 40s-50s glamour so I tried a 70s influence; I mostly wear skirts and dresses so I've dug out my trousers, bought some jeans and am going to try braving shorts again soon. I would honestly recommend it to anyone. If you're a bit of a tomboy then try a dress, if you always go girlie then try some sports luxe, or if you usually dress incredibly boldly try something a little more relaxed.. you might surprise yourself and find a new look to keep people on their toes. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging my outfits is because I can see when I'm getting in a style rut (either with the same silhouette, the same colour palette, or wearing the same few items over and over) and I can try something different, or dig out an old item and give it a new lease of life!

Also, I can't even go into how excited I was to go out without having to wear my biker jacket - I love it, but I've been wearing it consistently for so long that I'm ready to hang it up for summer! Here's to hoping it stays gorgeous and warm for a while now....

Tara India xo

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