Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How to shop vintage.

 Biker Jacket, Top & Sandals - Topshop
Skirt -Cow Vintage
Necklace & Watch - Vintage
Lipstick - MUA

Vintage shopping is one of my favourite things to do - if there's a vintage fair or kilo sale you'll always find me there, and if I go shopping I'm pretty much guaranteed to want to go to a vintage store. I love the way each item has a sense of history, that everything is unique and I won't be caught in the same outfit as anyone, and the way all the jewellery was made to last. I'm currently obsessed with Cow Vintage (which, if you're in Birmingham, is in Digbeth near the Custard Factory - another great vintage haunt) and last week I picked up this gorgeous skirt! I've never worn a midi length before out of fear of looking short, but I fell in love with the print and found that with my sandals it looks pretty good! So I thought I'd share a few of my tips for vintage shopping..

Always, always, always try it on!
If you're heading to a vintage store in search of clothes always make sure you have time to try them on. Not only can the sizing be a bit tricky, but the cuts are often different to today's clothing, and something that looks good on the hanger can easily be a bit dodgy on. The reverse is also true, that something a bit dodgy looking on the hanger could look perfect when you put it on!

Go through the racks thoroughly.
In a vintage store every item is different, so make sure you look through everything properly, or you could miss out on a hidden gem.

Be prepared to make alterations.
Sizing and length can be problematic with vintage clothes (especially when you're tiny like me) so be prepared to bust out the sewing machine! Often it is as simple as putting in a few darts at the side to take something in, or cutting the length off a skirt to make it mini. If you fall for a print or a detail then use your imagination and you might be able to give it a new lease of life. If you're not fab at sewing or haven't tried before then ask your mum for help - that's what I do!

Always check the clasps and zips.
This doesn't only apply to clothes - when buying jewellery or bags always look over them closely and make sure the clasps work. Sometimes they are just different to modern fixings and might need figuring out, sometimes they just might not work, and it's worth knowing before you buy!

Step out of your comfort zone!
Lately I've been really big on trying new styles, and vintage is a good way to do that. Everything is unique, often bright and printed, and different styles to the high street shops - plus it's usually pretty cheap! Summer is the perfect time to try some new things, and there is nothing better than a good vintage maxi!
Tara India xo

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