Saturday, 13 June 2015

My makeup essentials!

Since I've basically sacrificed my time to watching OITNB now that season 3 has dropped, and it's a rather gross day outside for June, I decided to do something different and post about my makeup essentials. I'm so not a beauty blogger - I don't really test new things and tend to stick with my favourites for years, but I think I've got a pretty good routine worked out and I've definitely found some superhero products for my tricky skin! So here are my favourites - the things I use every day to create my look.

 Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cream
This is probably my lifesaver product. I have such difficult combination skin that while I've tried other moisturizing creams none has worked like this. It keeps the dryness away without leaving me oily in other areas, and makes my skin so soft. I use it every morning and I can see the difference if I go without it.
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
 I discovered this last summer, and previously I had never even bothered with a primer, but after trying it once I was hooked. This is a touch extravagant, but I can see how much better it makes my skin and my foundation coverage. Smashbox do lots of other types of primers, I just went for the hydrating one to help my skin out!
Garnier BB Cream - Light, for sensitive skin
Foundation is the base for everything, and if yours isn't doing you justice then no matter how good the rest of your makeup the overall effect will be ruined. I tried so many foundations before BB cream came out and I found them too heavy and too cakey for my skin. I love the light, moisturizing coverage of BB cream, and the way it blends to my skin tone so that even if I get a tan I don't have to buy a new foundation.

 Naked 2 & 3
I tried to choose one or the other, but I own both Naked 2 & 3 and they are both fantastic. Any combination of colours from these looks good once you have the basic light to dark idea - I often mix and match between the two. I love the rose gold shades of the Naked 3 for a very natural look during the day, but for the evening the darker shades of the Naked 2 are perfect. Honestly, it's no wonder that everyone raves about these - since buying them I haven't used any other eyeshadow and I don't need to! They have also lasted an incredibly long time.

Benefit Brow-zings
My eyebrows are one of my defining features - I don't know why they have become such hot property over the last few years but they define everything. I'm very glad the overplucking era is done, because properly defined brows open up your face and make you look "done" even when you haven't got much other makeup on. This kit is perfect, the wax goes on first to hold the shape and then the colour makes sure your brows are perfectly defined.
Collection 2000 Extreme 24-Hour Felt Tip Liner
I also pride myself on my winged eyeliner - it's taken years of practice but I've finally perfected my eyeliner flicks thanks to this felt tip liner. It's so much easier than gel or liquid, and much smoother than pencil. I literally recommend it to everyone because it lasts so long and is so cheap!
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
This is a recent discovery and honestly my favourite mascara! It keeps my lashes defined and adds length without getting spidery. It also lasts all day with minimal smudging.
Rimmel Scandal-eyes
This was my top mascara before the Revlon came along, and I still keep it because it really makes my eyes make an impact. I often use this over the top of the Revlon for extra effect and extra thick lashes.
MAC Prep+Prime Translucent Finishing Powder
I didn't try powder for years because I was scared it would dry out my skin even more, and look too caked on. However this powder is perfect because it's translucent, but it sets my foundation to help stop it wearing off over the day and makes my skin smooth. My makeup doesn't feel right without it.
Nars Blusher - Amour
I'd been hearing about Nars blusher for years and I finally got this one for my birthday. I tried out all the shades since I'd seen amazing reviews for Orgasm, but Amour turned out to be better for my skin tone. It's quite highly pigmented so I have to be careful with it, but that also means that a quick sweep wakes up my face and it will last longer!

Obviously, I know many people who don't really wear makeup and I don't think everyone has to - I just love being able to create a look and enhance it with the right makeup. Besides, most of these products actually keep my skin in better condition. And finally, I don't quite feel like myself without at least basic makeup on! Chances are you'll never see me without my lipstick and brows. It's one way I can make myself feel ready to face the day - while I'm getting ready I'm also mentally prepping myself for what I have to do, and knowing I look good helps me feel more confident and better about myself. Maybe it would be nice to go out sometimes without taking so long to get ready, but I like knowing I look my best, and I love being able to create different looks to match outfits and moods.

Tara India xo

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  1. I love that mascara! It's such a good one isn't it :) I don't actually wear makeup everyday, it's just personal preference as I work from home and don't really see the point if I'm not going anywhere! That Blusher looks beautiful too!

    Hayley-Eszti |